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Our love in details make the design

Leather Bags

Quality design and a complete natural processing of our leather wares are our passion.

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Be attractive - Casual designs


Our leather wallet collection for men and women is high functionally, slim and robust with the use of finest buffel leather.

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Vintage natural leather ware

Natural Mind

Natural leather gets beautiful with time. It grows with you and its timless material is made for living.

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When we met our good old friends, we talked intensive about modern bags, pro and cons and what is needed at this time. With our first Vintage leather collection we realised quality and designs that are inspired by traditional classic and efficient structures.

Wild and Fresh

Our leather fashion is wild and fresh. The designes are timeless with an unique note.

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Visit our FFelsenfest outletstore in Stadtsteinach, Germany

Wood in the hood

Vintage leather bags naturally tanned for a good feeling and eco friendly

The Leather Workshop

We go back to the roots and do a lot of handwork. All bags and leather wares are hand made and unique. In our workshop we make new designs and offer leather repair, refresh and care services for used leather ware.



All day we have an open ear for friends and clients improve details and create new design constantly.

Repairing Service

With our own repairing service, we offer professional leather repair and refreshing for all kind of leather bags


Original leather without synthetic processing. FFelsenfest is Eco and Skin-friendly which is our highest priority. Further more we love to work with solid nature base material, wood, leather, cotton and silk. This makes FFelsenfest.

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John Lennon

You don't need anybody to tell you who you are or what you are. You are what you wear!


If you have any questions just give us a message.

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Outlet Store

It’s a long hot summer and we opened our new outlet store in Germany Stadtsteinach for you. The first opening was a wonderful and successfully day, thank you so much for all visitors which came from the whole planet to meet us in Stadtsteinach

One thing is important to mention - Our Store is open one time each month each time the first Saturday! We are looking forward to meet you.